The Effectiveness of Content Marketing through Social Media

In the age of the Internet and the World Wide Web, you need to opt for social media-based content marketing to get the most out of your content. There are billions of consumers who engage with social media. The content-driven marketing techniques that you can deploy are copywriting, creative graphic design, photography, and audio visual content like animation or videography.

Top Reasons for Effective Social Media Content Marketing

When incorporated accurately, social media platforms are a fantastic place for customer engagement.

Social Media for Feedback & Recommendations

Social media is the vehicle on the internet that helps drive content to source hot leads. Social media offers a wider reach of audiences. Content marketing can develop brand awareness among different target markets. These demographics separated by miles and oceans share personal experiences with businesses through reviews on social media. These recommendations are considered powerful and trustworthy by the general public across the world.

High Quality Content Helps Engagement on Social Media

High quality, relevant and reliable content creates brand authority. It is imperative that social media content and business goals are aligned. Effective content marketing thrives when content appeals to the choice, preference and liking of your target audience. Make your content compelling and interesting enough to encourage your audience to share it across different platforms.

Social Media Creates Brand Awareness Beyond Boundaries

Social media is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness over time. Many companies use content like the company logo, strategic captions and infographics to lure specific audiences, raise brand awareness, increase sales and much more. Social media has the potential to create an impact that knows no boundaries. Audio-visual media adds a personal and professional touch to your social media content, making your brand relatable and identifiable with your audience. Good content will work fro you while you sit back and let your audiences move your campaign forward by sharing it on various social media platforms. That’s the expansive power of effective social media content marketing.

Summing Up the Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Reap the benefit of reaching out to the a wide or ultra-specific audience.
  • Leverage multiple social media platforms to share content with a variety of audiences.
  • Establish your company as professionals by sharing content relevant to your audience, business, and industry.
  • Create a clearly defined brand identity by aligning business goals with social media campaigns.
  • Study consumer feedback for potential areas for improvement and growth.
  • Gauge the impact and success of social media content marketing campaigns using analytics.
  • Leverage SEO techniques for content marketing to improve search engine rankings.
  • Use content marketing techniques to redirect or promote your website and other media platforms.
  • Use powerful and engaging creative design, infographics, photography, and videography to lure audiences.


How Social Media Enhances Your Online Presence

A good looking, functional, and mobile responsive website is a good start to developing an online presence for your business. A professional website is the central hub where potential and existing customers will go to find detailed information about your business. Many times, visitors already have an idea about you and will visit your website directly. But what about those that have not heard about you? How do you tap into this audience and increase your reach?

Marketing is the answer. Advertising your business through various mediums and strategies is how you increase brand recognition and awareness and convert leads to sales. Social media is a major type of digital marketing that in this day and age, seems quintessential for any successful company. Social media requires consistency, quality and frequency. When effectively executed, social media can propel your company upwards in search engine rankings hence, increasing exposure to a greater audience.

As a marketing company that offers both website design and social media management, 10 out of 10 times, we find that clients that have both a great website AND great social media presence, are far more successful in search engine optimization, converting leads to sales, and brand recognition. They receive more calls, more online contact form submissions, and product sales. We know these are facts because we constantly monitor their website and social media analytics. The numbers and consumer interactions speak for themselves. This is why we often encourage our clients to consider developing their social media platform with the development of their website, for the sake of their company’s success.


Benefits of Social Media

Consumer Trust

Consumers do their research – ALWAYS. The internet is an important tool before consumers make any purchase and commitment. Companies with positive and numerous reviews attract more new customers because they appear more trustworthy. Companies with multiple, active social media accounts also appear more trustworthy because they seem “real.” Trust is an enormous deciding factor for consumer decisions because the internet can be an uncertain place. Simply having a website is not always enough to convey your company’s trustworthiness.

Brand Personality

Be the voice of your company. With social media, you have complete control over your company’s content and reputation. Often times, website content is informational, professional, and to the point. Through social media posts, your company is able to explore vast topics, expand on your company’s products, services, and ideologies, and showcase other facets of your company. With social media, you are able to produce a variety of creative and engaging content such as infographics, interactive posts/polls, blogging, photography and videography. Apps and online tools are being created everyday – the ways to interact with your audience and set your company apart from others are endless.


Social media opens opportunities and improves communication with your audience immensely. Not only are you able to effectively speak TO your audience, but they are able to SPEAK BACK. Consumers are able to directly message your company, like, comment on or share your posts, and more. These interactions are so important. As mentioned before, they make consumers feel like they are working with a real, trustworthy company that cares about their consumers. These interactions also provide insight into which content is working and which content is not working so that you are able to adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

You probably hear this term everywhere. But that is because it is actually important. Think about it. When you need a product or service, you do not always know where to go. So your first instinct is almost always to search the internet for answers. Now think about how many search pages you look through before you go back to the first page and choose from one of those search results – not many. It is key to be one of those higher ranking search results but how do companies get there? By developing a great online presence! The more consistently you post and more effectively you optimize your website with keywords, the more likely your content will appear in searches. The more people interact with your site and social media platform, the higher you will rank.

One of the metrics Google bots analyze in order to decide your website’s ranking are backlinks. How many other websites link back to your website? A high number indicates that you have something useful on your website that will be of interest to search engine users. Through social media posts, you can directly link back to your website and its various pages whenever you post! Therefore, Google bots will take notice and decide that your website must ultimately have some importance.


Think of social media through advertising dollars. Offline, your company may spend advertising dollars on print advertising from mailings to newspaper ads to billboards. Online, social media is a form of advertising both free and paid. On the internet, you can still choose where to advertise and what demographic to target. However, with social media, advertisements are likely to reach a much larger audience, much more frequently, and at a much lower cost! So why not take advantage of this opportunity? It is a no-brainer investment for the success of your company.


Why SB Marketing?

Why hire a marketing company to manage your social media? We dedicate the effort, time and skill it takes to effectively execute a professional social media campaign. We offer a multitude of creative services and products all in one space! Need a logo created or a website designed? Need print advertisements designed, printed, and mailed? We do all of those and far more. From initial planning and designing to the production stage, we do it all. Having your company’s marketing campaign created and managed by one team is cost effective and efficient. We educate ourselves with your company’s needs and business goals and we create customized marketing plans to help you achieve. Let’s get people talking today!