How to Make More Online Sales

If you are running an e-commerce or online shop, improving your online sales is a top priority. The good news is that you can increase your sales through several different methods, many of them will not cost you a dime. By getting the most out of each sale, you can increase your bottom line while adding relatively little to your expenses.

Here are ten ways to increase sales for your e-commerce business and provide additional cash flow for your future marketing campaigns.

1 – Add Urgency to the Sale: This is an effective advertising technique where you place a time-limit on sales or special offerings. Because it encourages the customer to act quickly, they are more likely to pull the trigger because they don’t want to miss the offer.

2 – Ad Extension: Online sales are fueled by ad extensions that are available on Bing and AdWords for no extra cost. This allows you to make your advertisements bigger and more pronounced which means that more people will see what you are offering.

3 – Boost Product Images: The better your products look, the more they will sell. Professional product photography provides high-quality images that help sell your products.

4 – Focus on a Few Products: If you are trying to grow your online business, focus on selling a few products or services first. Remember, you cannot compete with large department stores, but you can offer good deals on specific items or services that boost your business. So, pick two or three products and focus on them.

5 – Identify Your Customer Base: You need to know who to target for your sales efforts. One way is to examine lookalike audiences that you’ll find on Facebook with your competitors. Basically, by identifying the customers of your competitors, you can then target them more effectively on social media.

6 – Increase Payment Options: The more ways a customer can pay, the better off your business will be. For online sales, PayPal is a must along with the major credit cards.

7 – Money-Back Guarantee: This tried and true technique alleviates the fear that many potential customers have about making the purchase. Relatively few will use the money-back guarantee if you are selling a high-quality product, so the risk to you is small.

8 – Streamline the Checkout Process: You’d be surprised how many potential customers back out at the last minute because they didn’t understand the checkout process. Clean your checkout system so that anyone can use it without confusion.

9 – Testimonials: Testimonials help you build customer trust which in turn increases your sales. Find a few customers who have enjoyed the products or services you provide, ask them for their testimonials, and put them on your website and in your advertising.

10 – Truth in Advertising: It may seem rather obvious, but too many businesses do not have honest sales copy which only creates distrust from otherwise potential customers. So, go over every sales copy you create to ensure that it is accurate and does not mislead the customer.

By following these tips, you can boost your online shop profits and expand your e-commerce business through better online sales.

– The SB Marketing Team